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BATTLE Plan. TINDAL, Nicholas Attack of the Rebels upon Fort Penobscot in the Province of New England in which their Fleet was Totally Destroyed and their Army Dispersed the 14th Aug. 1779. By an Officer present. Detailed Engraved Map.
London. For the continuation (after Tindal's) for Rapin's History of Eng'd published . Dec. 18th, 1785.
40x 42.5cm, (15.5"x 16.75"), wide margins beyond the strike lines, in fine clean condition. Detailed legend and ship alignments. - A detailed and uncommon annotated plan describing the events of July and August when the American Rebel army and fleet besieged and attacked the encamped British, at Fort Penobscot, with ultimately disastrous consequences. "The loss the Rebels sustained is unknown". Despite overwhelming numbers, the Rebels were surprised and out maneuvered by the arrival of a relieving British fleet from New York. Published in Rapin's Impartial History Of England . To The Year 1786, a scarce and fascinating historical record. Nebenzahl.Bibliography of Printed Battle Plans of the American Revolution, 1775-1796. #40. "Shows the disastrous American assault on British-held Fort Penobscot in Maine in August 1779, with a short summary of the action. Paul Revere led the American artillery in the battle (see "rebel batteries" marked just west of the fort); it was not his finest moment. Apparently issued in conjunction with Rapin's "Impartial History of England . . . with the Continuation to the Year 1786," but not generally found with it"(Nebenzahl).


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