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ANONYMOUS. A Letter from a West-India Merchant to a Gentlemanat Tunbridg, Concerning That Part of the French Proposals, Which Relatesto North-America, and Particularly Newfoundland. With Some Thoughts onTheir Offers about Our Trade to Spain and the West-Indies: and anAbstract of the Assiento.
London. Printed in the Year 1712.
8vo,19.3cm, 34p., bound in half crushed crimson morocco, two blind ruledraised bands, gilt title along the spine, marbled boards, black ruledborders, fine Signed binding by "Sangorski and Sutcliffe", some slightfoxing or spotting but a fine copy, very rare. (cgc) No auction recordsexcept one in 1964 & one in 1932. No standard listing located. WorldCat,2 locations. Amicus, 1 copy. O'Dea. 110; Waldon. Biblio Canadiana, 1519-1763. p218; Goldsmiths' 4886; Hanson 1607; Sabin 40319. - Not in Lande(2); T.P.L.; Gagnon; Eberstadt; Howes. "A very rare privately printedpamphlet dealing with the French offers to cede to Britain theterritories of Nova Scotia, Hudson's Bay and the Straits, Newfoundlandand St. Christopher. The author puts the case for the British title toall these as well as the fishing rights off Newfoundland. An importantand contemporary document on the contest for naval power in the NewWorld"--O'Dea. Relates considerably to the fact that the French receiveback Cape Breton and Nova Scotia, and England to have sole right toNewfoundland. The writer shows that England has the prior right to NovaScotia, and also the danger of having the French at Cape Breton and sonear the Newfoundland coast.


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