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ALLINE, Henry Hymns and Spiritual Songs.
Stonington-Port, Con.Printed by S. Trumbull. 1802.
16mo, 16.5cm, 282p., in con-temporary fullbrown sheep, gilt ruled panel borders with small decorations in thecenter, gilt titles, some wear on the boards and edges, endpapersstained, a fragile production making this a very good sound copy , rare.(cgc) T.P.L. 6803. Alline was born in Rhode Island in 1748 and movedwith his family to the township of Falmouth, N.S. in 1760. After areligious experience graphically described in his Life and Journals, hefelt the call to preach and although further education was not availableto him, resolved to become an evangelist. From 1776 to 1783 he traveledthe Maritime Provinces on horseback and in all weathers preachingwherever he could. In August of that year he sought to carry his messageto New England, but he died of complete exhaustion in New Hampshire inJanuary 1784. His "New Light" church encouraged the singing of hymns andthe lack of hymnals in Nova Scotia caused Alline to write many hymnshimself. This is the first edition of the posthumous collection which wasprinted several times in New England. It is a very rare hymn book, andone of the first written by a Nova Scotian.


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