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[HALIFAX - View Book].
Halifax, Nova Scotia and its Attractions.
Np. Howard & Kutsche Publishers, n.d. c.[1902?].,  oblong 4to, 19.3x 26.3cm, 128p., with c.250 plates and illustrations (inc.many full page and some composites), holograph page numbers and spine title, original green cloth, titles and pictorial decorations stamped in red, white and dark green, some wear at the spine edges, otherwise very good With a 2p holograph index to the illustrations loosely inserted - Text chapters include His Majesty's Military Force; The King's Ships and Sailors; The Charming Public Gardens; Commercial Halifax; The Sound Financial Institutions; Through the Business District; Our Steamship Lines; Social and AthleticClubs; Dartmouth and Its Attractions.
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[HARRIS, Reginald V.]
Catalogue of Portraits of The Judges of the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia and other Portraits.
Law Courts, Nova Scotia. N.d. [1928]?,  23.5cm, 111p. with 46 portrait plates, biographical notes, printed stiff wraps, very good to fine, WITH, numerous additions, corrections and notes throughout in ink, by the author
$70.00                          Book Number: 13665                         Order / Enquire

[HARRIS, Reginald V.]
The History of Saint Andrew's Lodge, No. 1, G.R.N.S., A.F. & A.M., 1750 - 1920. By a Past Master of the Lodge.
Halifax. Monotyped by Wm. MacNab & Son. 1920.,  23.5cm, 215p. many plates and illustrations, folding chart, in full black crushed morocco, gilt ruled on the spine without titles, gilt titles on the upper cover, marbled endpapers, a.e.g., a fine copy
$105.00                          Book Number: 13667                         Order / Enquire

[HARVEY, D.C. (Edited by) ]
A Documentary Study of Early Educational Policy. Bulletin of the Public Arc
Halifax. Public Archives of Nova Scotia. 1937.,  25.5cm, 60p. stiff printed wraps, near fine copy
$8.75                          Book Number: 19182                         Order / Enquire

Centenary of Methodism in Eastern North America, 1782-1882. Halifax. (the a
Toronto. William Briggs. n.d. c.[1883].,  12mo, 17.5cm., xi,123p., grey cloth, black blind-stamped decorative panel on upper cover, titles in gilt on upper cover and spine, fine copy, rare
$21.00                          Book Number: 19205                         Order / Enquire

[HINCKS, Francis]
The Ministerial Crisis: Mr. D.B. Viger, And His Position: being a Review of the Hon. Mr. Viger's Pamphlet entitled "La Crise Ministerielle et Mr. Denis Benjamin Viger, Etc. En Deux Parties". BY A REFORMER OF 1836.
Ithaca, New York, U.S.A.:  Kingston. Printed and Sold at the Chronicle & Gazette Office. 1844,,  8vo, 21cm, 20p., bound in quarer tan brown roan and brown cloth boards, leather label along the spine, a fine copy thus (n1) T.P.L. 2648. Lande 440. The author addresses questions about the formation of the Draper - Viger ministry in Lower Canada in 1833 in support of the governor, Sir Charles Metcalfe. The ministry failed by 1836 due to lack of support of the French Canadians. An important pamphlet relating to the aftermath of the Rebellion of 1837.
$150.00                          Book Number: 25166                         Order / Enquire

[HUMPHRYS-ALEXANDER, Alexander William Francis, Self-styled Viscount)
2 ALS, 1 signed 'Canada' to 'Dear Sir John', (John PHILLIPART, 1784-1874, the military historian), saying "As we have had now for several days . your Letter and parcel for my Father . I think it better to let you know that his health had become so bad that we persuaded him . about a fortnight ago" to go to "a place in the country", his mother and he opened the letters "& finding papers which seem of importance we were afraid you might be uneasy about them . we were desired to leave him as quiet as possible for a little while . we hope that he will be better able soon to attend to business", 3 sides, 8vo., n.d., note by Sir John on 4th side 'July 1833', with 1 signed 'E.J. Alexander' to Sir John Philipart, saying "My nephew is exce
1863,  , two items 1833 and 1863 The writer's father, Alexander Humphrys, (1783- 1859), added the surname Alexander in 1824 and set about claiming the Earldom of Stirling, extinct since 1739. He alleged that he was descended from the 1st Earl, the famous Sir William Alexander of Menstrie, favourite of James VI and I. The 1st Earl was given the right to create for sale 100 (later 150) baronetcies of Nova Scotia. Humphrys Alexander succeeded in voting as a Scottish Representative Peer in 1825, 1830 and 1831, and on the 2nd July 1831, was served 'heir special to the 1st Earl in his possessions in Nova Scotia' of which he had sasine six days later at Edinburgh Castle. His motive now appeared four days later. As 'Hereditary Lieutenant and Lord Proprietor of the Province of Nova Scotia, and the Lordship of Canada', he offered for sale '1,000,000 acres of the most excellent land in New Brunswick'. However, all services as heir except that to his mother were reduced (rescinded) in 1836, and in 1839 he was indicted for forging the excerpt. It was unanimously pronounced a forgery by the commission of which, however, he was acquitted. (See 'The Complete Peerage', Vol. XII, Appendix G). John Philippart, military historian and Knight of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem, helped to revive the Order in England after the Napoleonic wars, and was chancellor of the English Language for 43 years. He also helped found the West London Hospital at Hammersmith.
$314.99                          Book Number: 13696                         Order / Enquire

[KINGSTON. - Historic Sites and Monuments].
A Catalogue of Plaques, Tablets, Markers, Memorials and Museums in Historic Kingston and in The Circulation Area of the Kingston Whig-Standard, 1968.
Ithaca, New York, U.S.A.:  Kingston. 1968.,  8vo, 23cm, 61p., many plates and illustrations, stiff printed wraps, fine (s4)
$22.50                          Book Number: 21947                         Order / Enquire

Archaeological Research at the Fortress of Louisbourg 1961-1965, by Edward M. Larrabee. WITH: A "Rescue Excavation" at the Princess Half-bastion Fortress of Louisbourg, by Bruce W. Fray. WITH: An Archaeological Study of Clay Pipes from King's Basin, Fortress of Louisbourg, by Iain C. Walker Canadian Historic Sites, Occasional Papers in Archaeology and History No. 2.
Ottawa. Dept. of Indian Affairs. Ottawa. 1971.,  sq8vo. 22x 21cm, 123p., many plates, illustrations, maps, colour illustrated stiff wraps, very good copy. (cmt)
$15.00                          Book Number: 13726                         Order / Enquire

Lime Preparation at 18th Century Louisbourg, by Charles S. Lindsay. WITH: Louisbourg Guardhouses, by Charles S. Lindsay. WITH: A Survey of Louisbourg Gunflints, by T.M. Hamilton & Bruce W. Fry. Canadian Historic Sites, Occasional Papers in Archaeology and History No. 12. Ottawa. Dept. of Indian Affairs.
Ottawa. 1975.,  sq8vo. 22x 21cm, 131p., many plates, illustrations, maps, colour illustrated stiff wraps, very good to fine copy
$12.25                          Book Number: 13727                         Order / Enquire

[LOWER Canada. Cholera Epidemic]
Exercice de Piete pour s'entretenir avec Dieu dans le Temps du Colera-Morbus suivi des Litanies de Notre Dame des Victoiries et de Saint-Roch.
Ithaca, New York, U.S.A.:  Montreal. A la Librairie de E.R. Fabre, & Cie. Juin 1832.,  24mo, 13cm, 16p., in the original plain boards, fine (n12) A book of prayers in response to a cholera epidemic outbreak in Lower Canada in 1832 which was brought by immigrants from Britain. At the time it was not understood how the disease spread nor how to treat it. Six thousand people were believed to have died.
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[LOWER Canada].
Parochial and Township Subdivisions of Lower -Canada, in Return to the Annexed Address of the Legislative Assembly, 1853.
Ithaca, New York, U.S.A.:  Quebec. Printed by E.R. Frechette, 13 Mountain Street, Lower Town. 1853.,  8vo, 24cm, 152p., original printed wraps, wrap bit dust worn, small oval library stamp on the title, very good sound copy, contents fine (n12) T.P.L. 3335. ". showing the bounds, limits or division lines of the various Parishes established and erected therein for civil purposes, including as well . those established by the Arret of the Council of State of His Most Christian Majesty, 1722, and all those which have since been ascertained, established and confirmed in a legal and regular manner, either as new Parishes or as Parishes formed by the dismemberment or subdivision of Parishes. etc. etc. " Preface.
$200.00                          Book Number: 21957                         Order / Enquire

[MacLeod Stewart]
Correspondence Relating to the Montreal, Ottawa & Georgian Bay Canal.
Ithaca, New York, U.S.A.:  Ottawa. Thoburn & Co., Printers. 1895.,  8vo. 21cm, 24p., original printed wraps, fine (s4) Ottawa Valley Canal. Correspondence addressed to McLeod Stewart, giving the correspondent view on the viability of the canal. They include; A.M. Wellington, Engineering News, New York; Canadian Pacific Railway, W.C. Van Horne; Government Telegraph Service, D.H. Keeley; The Standard Electric Co. Ottawa; The Ottawa Electric Railway, T. Ahearn; North Shore Navigation Co.; W. Shanly; - McLeod Stewart was mayor of Ottawa, 1887-88.
$25.00                          Book Number: 21968                         Order / Enquire

[MAP]. BELLIN, Jacques Nicolas
Karte von dem Ende der Hudsons-Bay welche die Englander James Bay nennen. [Paris, , c.1744]
Leipniq. 1756.,  19.3x 14.2cm, hand coloured, very good (n14) Kershaw. V2. #426. Plate 290.
$105.00                          Book Number: 14244                         Order / Enquire

Two Centuries of Christian Witness in Truro, Nova Scotia. First United Church, 1760-1960.
[Toronto. Printed and Bound by the Ryerson Press]. 1960.,  23cm, 85p. illustrations and portraits, bibliography, fine in near fine jacket
$15.75                          Book Number: 13755                         Order / Enquire

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