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ARCTIC Press Kit]
Visit of Their Excellencies The Right Hon.Roland Michener, C.C., C.D., Governor General of Canada and Mrs. Michenerto Northern Canada. August 13th - August 23rd, 1970.
Ithaca, New York, U.S.A.:  [Ottawa. Departmentof Indian Affairs and Northern Development. 1970].,  4to. 28cm,unpaginated (c.85pp.), typescript, card indexed sections, loosely boundin 2 hole binder, mapped wraps, fine. (ads) The itineray includedWhitehorse, Mayo, Dawson, Old Crow, Inuvik, Tuktoyaktuk, Sachs Harbour,Holman Island, Bathurst Inlet, Yellowknife and Hay River. Withdescriptions of each community and articles about the NorthwestTerritories.
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The Sledges Arriving at the SouthernDepot Taken from: [Ten Coloured Views taken during the Arctic Expeditionof Her Majesty's Ships Enterprise and Investigator, under the command ofCaptain Sir James C. Ross. With a summary of the various Arctic Expeditionsin Search of Captain Sir John Franklin, and his Companions.
Ithaca, New York, U.S.A.:  London:Ackermann & Co., 1850.,  tinted lithographs ca. & 27 x 18 cm (image size,actual print size is 38x28.5cm,). Matted near fine tinted lithograph. Browne served on board the "Enterprise," and led one of the four searchparties in 1849. The ten attractive lithographed views are of ice andlandscapes near Upernavik, West Greenland, and in the region of the winterquarters at Port Leopold, Whaler Point on Somerset Island, and LeopoldIsland nearby. This is the first (the others being Cresswell and May) ofthe three main Arctic view books stemming from the Franklin Searchexpeditions.
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AUNET, Mme. Leonie D'
Geographie Pittoresque et Descriptive par Bandes. l ere Canees 1 ere cande. Depuis le Pole Arctique jusqu au Cercle Polaire Arctique.
Ithaca, New York, U.S.A.:  Manuscript. N.d. [1838].,  folio. 32cm, unpaginated c.[220]pp.), manuscript, fine closely written script, quarter brown contemporary cloth backed marbled boards, gilt spine title, several leaves torn not affecting text, in fine condition. (cgc) WorldCat, no results. - A neatly handwritten world gazetteer (without maps) , based on longitudes and latitudes, by French author, Leonie D'Aunet (1820-1879). Signed on title page and in gilt on lower spine "Leonie L.L.D." She is noted as taking part in the Gaimard expedition to Spitsbergen, with her husband artist Francois Biard, in 1838. She later described this expedition in "Voyage d'une femme au Spitzberg" (1854). Leonie later received notoriety when her affair with Victor Hugo was exposed for which she was imprisoned. The author describes the Arctic pole, the Esquimaux, the area north of Hudson Bay, about Greenland, gives location and how to arrive through Davis Strait and Baffin Baie, about the naming of Greenland, the climate, what the people do for work, and their physical description, how short they are "few taller than five feet", "religion in Greenland is a mix of Christianity and paganism". The population is about 10,000. Spitzbergen - talks about the name, indicates that winters in Spitzbegen are excessive and rigorous. "Lumination de nord , nothern lights, which the snow reflects, she talks about other explorers coming to Spitz, but doesn't name who. Includes stops in Laponie, Nouvelle Tremble. - 2ieme bande. Depuis le clerle Polaire d'Arcticque all the way to the 60th degree of latitude. Talks about going down the north west coast past Alaska, Bristol Bay, about the European people of origin, about slaves coming from Africa to the new continent. Among the many places discussed are Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Russie, Septrionale. - 3ieme bande, from the 60th degree to 50th degree. Labrador - etc. Some other areas described are Canada, Upper and Lower, 1840; Louisane Occidentile; Chile; etc. Lonie Thvenot d'Aunet (July 2, 1820 - March 3, 1879) was a French author, novelist, playwright and Arctic explorer. An 18-year-old Parisian girl travelling under the name Mme. Biard (1820-1879; ne Lonie d'Aunet) undertook a journey to Spitzbergen in 1838 together with her husband, the artist Francois Biard. He in turn was taking part in the Gaimard expedition to Spitsbergen in the same year. The route home went via Norwegian Finnmark and the Swedish side of the Torne Valley. Five years after the journey, she met the author Victor Hugo, and became his mistress. After two years the affair became publicly known, when the two were caught red-handed. Lonie was sentenced to two months' imprisonment, while Hugo was let off more lightly. The relationship lasted until the coup d'tat in 1851, (The French coup d'tat of 2 December 1851 was a self-coup staged by Prince Louis-Napolon Bonaparte, at the time President of the French Second Republic'.), when Victor Hugo left France. In 1854 Lonie's book about the journey of 1838 was published, and in the next thirty years, it was reprinted no less than nine times. The book is in the form of a letter to her brother, Lon de Boynest. On 19 June at four in the afternoon, having rounded God knows how many points, passed thousands of islands and missed innumerable rocks, we reached the Arctic Circle. As you surely know, it lies at latitude 66 degrees north. When you approach the Arctic Circle the mountains become even higher and steeper. The snow, which at Trondheim lay spread in patches, eventually covers all the mountainsides, the vegetation becomes sparser; you see only stunted birches here and there, and lichen which with its thin root-fibres manages to cling on to the ice-eroded mountain rock. "Early on the morning of the 20 June I was standing watching the sea through the captain's telescope. It was calm around us, but I discovered an odd change in the sea, and was completely fascinated. Waves as high as mountains were rushing toward us from all directions, breaking agains
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BALCH, Thomas Willing
The Alasko-Canadian Frontier.
Philadelphia. Press of Allen, Lane and Scott. 1902.,  8vo. 23cm, second edition, 45p., with 7 maps; printed wraps, wraps loose chipped and frayed; otherwise very good (N12) AB 1002. Wickersham 865. Discussion of details of the Anglo-Russian negotiations of 1821 to 1825, in support of U.S. claims in the Anglo-American dispute 1898-1903, concerning the boundary line between south-eastern Alaska and Canada.
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BALCH, Thomas Willing
The Alasko-Canadian Frontier.
Ithaca, New York, U.S.A.:  Philadelphia. Press of Allen, Lane and Scott. 1902.,  8vo. 23cm, second edition, 45p., with 7 maps; printed wraps, half the upper wrap wanting otherwise fine, the least common of these pamphlets and books by Balch on this boundary. (ads) A.B. 1002. Wickersham 865. Discussion of details of the Anglo-Russian negotiations of 1821-25, in support of U.S. claims in the Anglo-American dispute 1898-1903, concerning the boundary line between south-eastern Alaska and Canada.
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Development of Basic Socio-Economic Units in Two Eskimo Communities.
Ottawa. National Museum, Bulletin 202. 1964.,  24.5cm, x,114p., with maps, bibliography, stiff printed wraps, fine
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Totem Poles. Volume One. Totem Polesaccording to Crests and Topics. Volume Two. Totem Poles according toLocation.
Ithaca, New York, U.S.A.:  Ottawa. National Museum. 1950 & 1964.,  24.5cm, in twovolumes. 880pp. with 651 illustrations and detailed list for each, mappedendpapers, in the original printed stiff wraps, volume one wraps slightlydust worn, signed by Barbeau on the upper cover and on title page, amatched set, very good. (cdn) Barbeau lists totem poles of theTsimshian, Haida, Tlingit, Nootka, Salish, and Swakiutl and discusses themythic themes represented. He comments on the growth of totemism on theNorth Pacific Coast and traces the appear-ance of crest symbols onpainted house fronts and cites sources of early and later recordsrelating to totem pole carving. p.420. Lerner, Loren R. & Mary F.Williamson. Art and Architecture in Canada. A Bibliography and Guide tothe Literature. #3879.
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Henri Julien. The Canadian Art Series.
Ithaca, New York, U.S.A.:  Toronto. The Ryerson Press. 1941.,  18cm, first edition, 44p. plus 24plates & illustrations, stiff wraps printed, very good copy.(agc)
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BARR, William & Glyndwr Williams, (Edited by).
The Voyage of William Moor and Francis Smith 1746-1747. Volume II. Hakluyt Society.Second Series. Volume 181).
Ithaca, New York, U.S.A.:  London. The Hakluyt Society. 1995.,  8vo,21.5cm, xv, 393p., with maps & illustrations, volume bibliography &index, blue gilt decorated cloth, fine in fine jacket.
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BARR, William (Edited by)
Searching for Franklin: The Land Arctic Searching Expedition. James Anderson's and James Stewart's Expedition via the Back River 1855. (Third Series, No. 1).
Ithaca, New York, U.S.A.:  London. The Hakluyt Society. 1999.,  24.5cm, xv,292p., 13 plates, bibliography, index, blue cloth, gilt & cover logos, fine in fine jacket (s6)
$65.00                          Book Number: 27084                         Order / Enquire

The History of 13 Canadian Field RegimentRoyal Canadian Artillery, 1940 - 1945.
Ithaca, New York, U.S.A.:  N.p. np. [1946?].,  tall8vo. 26cm,188p., plus 27 plates and illustrations, 9 maps, 22 cartoonillustrations, nominal rolls, pp164-188; black cloth, a bit worn, printedon fragile paper not many copies could have survived else a very goodcopy, rare. (cmt) Cooke p154.
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A Visit to Iceland. By Way of Tronyem, in the Summer of 1834.
Ithaca, New York, U.S.A.:  London. John Murray. 1835.,  12mo, 20cm, first edition, 325p., with 9 engraved plates, text illustrations, rebound in fine grain dark maroon fabrikoid, gilt spine titles, the frontis & engraved title are heavily foxed, the other plates have moderate foxing, the text in clean, a very good sound working copy (gar).
$50.00                          Book Number: 38511                         Order / Enquire

A Day in the Arctic.
Ithaca, New York, U.S.A.:  Ottawa. Geological Survey, Bulletin No. 1. 1945,,  24.5cm, 9p., 4 illustrations and a map, printed green wraps, fine
$12.50                          Book Number: 20407                         Order / Enquire

BEAVER, Herber
Reports and Letters of Herbert Beaver, 1836-1838. Chaplain to the Hudson's Bay Company and Missionary to the Indians at Fort Vancouver. Edited by Thomas E. Jessett.
Ithaca, New York, U.S.A.:  Portland, Oregon. Published by the Champoeg Press. 1959.,  sm4to. 26.5cm, xxiv,148,[5]p., frontis view, limited to 750 copies, designed and printed by Lawton Kennedy, title page printed in red and black, (rubricated), on rag paper, green cloth, about fine. (Ar) Strathern #32. "Reports to the Governor and Committee and letters to the Deputy-Governor, with James Douglas' report on the Beaver affair, edited from the originals in the Company's Archives.
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BEECHEY, Captain F. W.
Narrative of a Voyage to the Pacific and Beering's Strait, to co-operate with The Polar Expeditions: performed in His Majesty's Ship Blossom, under the command of Captain F.W. Beechey, R.N., in the years 1825, 26, 27, 28.
Ithaca, New York, U.S.A.:  London. Henry Colburn & Richard Bentley. 1831.,  4to. 27.2cm, The First Edition, 2 volumes in One, xxi,[2],392 & vii,[1](,-393)-742,[1]pp., errata leaf, paginated contentiously, with 3 engraved maps, (2 are folding maps), & 23 engraved plates, in contemporary diced calf boards rebacked, gilt ruled wide raised bands, gilt titles, gilt ruled border on the boards, french marbled endpapers, the plates have some foxing as usual, complete with half title, (usually wanting), relatively clean, very good to fine condition, the rare first quarto edition. (cgc) A.B. 1227. Lande s161. Hill 93 . Sabin 4347. Howes B-309. Lada-Mocarski, 95. So-called Admiralty edition, issued in a quarto format, preceding the octavo edition of the same year. Beechey's book is one of the most valuable of modern voyages and relates extensive visits to Pitcairn Island, Easter Island, the Tuamotu Archipelago, the Society Islands, the Mangareva (Gambier) Islands, Tahiti, Alaska, Hawaii, Macao, Okinawa, and the coast of California. Beechey was ordered by the Admiralty to Bering Strait as a relief expedition to await the separate expeditions of Captains Franklin and Parry, who had sailed in 1824 to search for the Northwest Passage to the Pacific Ocean. He was to meet them at Kotzebue Sound in July of 1826. After visits to Tahiti and Hawaii, Beechey heard at Kamchatka that Parry had turned back, but he waited at Kotzebue Sound for Franklin, who never arrived, during the summers of both 1826 and 1827. Near Point Barrow, Alaska, Beechey and Franklin had arrived within fifty leagues of each other, when the latter was compelled by weather to turn back. Beechey's work provides an important account of Monterey and San Francisco before the American conquest and gives his impressions of the missionaries in San Francisco. Blossom Rock in San Francisco Bay is named for his ship. Beechey also describes the Eskimos of the north. At Pitcairn Island, he met with John Adams, last survivor of the mutiny on the Bounty, who gave him a lengthy account. In the Tuamotus Beechey discovered Vanavana, which he named Barrow Island, after Sir John Barrow; he also touched at Cockburn Island, Bram Martin Island, Melville Island, and Crocker Island.
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