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AMEER-ALI, Torick (Editor)
Memoirs of Sir Andrew Melvill. Translated from the French, and The Wars of the Seventeenth Century. With a Foreword by Sir Ian Hamilton.
London and New York. John Lane. 1918.,  8vo. 22cm, xvi,297p. with 9 illustrations, including 3 fold-out maps, blue cloth, concentric blind stamped ruled borders and title on upper cover, gilt titles on spine, lacks front free flye otherwise a fine copy (s7.5) First publication in English, Melvill Memoris were first published in 1704 and are supplement here with the editors essay of War of the seventh century.
$10.50                          Book Number: 10445                         Order / Enquire

AMOS, R.C. (Believed to be a Canadian)
ROYAL NAVY. Three albums of personal photographs taken by Sub. Lieutenant P.C. Amos, Royal Navy from 1916 to 1919 during service at Portsmouth and Le Havre, France. - 1. - "Portsmouth & M.L. 205" (47 photos).
Ithaca, New York, U.S.A.:  np. 1919.,  19x 24cm, green fabrikoid. - 2. - "First War Pictures Mostly of Havre." (43 photos). 12x 16cm, brown cloth, - 3. - "First War 1917-19. Mostly Havre, France." (81photos). 18x 19cm, maroon cloth, - The photographs are 4 x 6 cm (1.5" x 2.5") and the commercial albums are designed with slots to mount them. The first album has hand-written captions and is inscribed "Sub-Lieut. P.C. Amos R.N.V.R. H.M.M.L. "305". 1916. Bought in Ramsgate Nov. 1916." (cmt) Very scarce views of two major ports in World War One, Portsmouth and Le Havre, France. Le Havre was a important base for British warships and entry point for British soldiers to the Western Front. A tipped-in newspaper clipping indicates that Lieut. Amos was a liaison officer with the French at Le Havre. He served aboard Royal Navy motor launches "305" & "366" and there are pictures of the crews and ships. Lieut. Amos is believed to have been Canadian from Montreal (by provenance), probably fluent in French (liaison officer) and had named the "305" cat mascot, "Canada".
$500.00    Book Number: 37801         Order / Enquire

ANDERSON, William James
The Life of F.M., H.R.H. Edward, Duke of Kent, illustrated by His Correspondence with the De Salaberry Family, Never Before Published, extending from 1791 to 1814.
Ithaca, New York, U.S.A.:  Ottawa and Toronto. Hunter, Rose & Company. 1870.,  8vo. 21cm, 241p. original blind stamped pebbled red cloth, gilt titles along the spine, very good to fine. (cmt) Gagnon 1-118. Edward, Duke of Kent, first arrived in Canada in 1791 for service with the Royal Fusiliers at Quebec. He made close friends with members of the famous Canadian military family, the De Salaberrys, with whom he maintained a considerable correspondence for most of his life. The book consists mainly of this correspondence, with some necessary connecting narrative. Chapters II to V inclusive, relate to his Canadian service in Quebec and Halifax, where he became Commander-in-Chief of the troops in British North America, 1799.
$150.00                          Book Number: 36106                         Order / Enquire

The War Claims Commission World War II.
Ottawa. Queen's Printer. 1970.,  25cm, viii,728p., gilt titles, black fabrikoid, fine (S8)
$15.75                          Book Number: 17899                         Order / Enquire

Military Engineering Volume III - Bridging. Part I - General. 1957.
Ithaca, New York, U.S.A.:  Np. The War Office. 1957.,  21.5cm, xiii,570p., text illustrations, folding charts, blue cloth, fine (s7)
$15.00                          Book Number: 26796                         Order / Enquire

Les Guerilleros A L'Assaut du Pouvoir. : Les Feux de L'Amerique Latine. Avec une prface de Rgis Debray.
Ithaca, New York, U.S.A.:  Romorantin. ditions Martinsart. 1978.,  26.5cm, 478p, with illustrations including colour, bibliography, padded black leatherette with gilt titles and decorations, a very good to fine copy (ds11)
$65.00                          Book Number: 29208                         Order / Enquire

The Problem of Chemical and Biological Warfare. Volume IV: CB Disarmament Negotiations, 1920-1970.
Ithaca, New York, U.S.A.:  Stockholm. Sipri. 1971.,  23cm, 412p., index, blue cloth, a fine copy (s7)
$22.50                          Book Number: 29916                         Order / Enquire

The Problem of Chemical and Biological Warfare. Volume V: The Preventon of CBW.
Ithaca, New York, U.S.A.:  Stockholm. Sipri. 1971.,  23cm, 287p., index, blue cloth, a fine copy (s7)
$22.50                          Book Number: 29917                         Order / Enquire

Index to Canadian Service records of the SouthAfrican War (1899-1902) held at the National Archives of Canada.
Ithaca, New York, U.S.A.:  Ottawa. British Isles Family History Society of Greater Ottawa. 1999.,  21cm,158p., green wraps, sticker removed from rear wrap, else fine. (cnds) Alphabetical index of 6000 Canadian participants in the South AfricanWar, or Boer War, as it is often called, for whom service records can beconsulted at the National Archives of Canada in Ottawa, plus informationon how to obtain other records held in South Africa.
$30.00                          Book Number: 34935                         Order / Enquire

Canadians in Khaki. South Africa, 1899-1900. NominalRolls of the officers, non-commissioned officers & men of the Canadiancontingents and Strathcona's Horse with casualties to date and alsoR.M.C. Graduates with the Army in South Africa.
Ithaca, New York, U.S.A.:  Ottawa. Eugene G.Ursual. 1994.,  21.5cm, 127p., text illustrations, illustrated wraps, fine.(Cmt)
$30.00                          Book Number: 34939                         Order / Enquire

ANONYMOUS. By An Officer of the Royal Artillery.
From Sedan to Saarbruck, Via Verdun, Gravelotte, and Metz.
Ithaca, New York, U.S.A.:  London. Tinsley Brothers.,  1870. 19cm, 275p., ex-libris, gilt titles, red cloth, gilt titles, beveled boards, slightly faded, else good to very good (s7.3) Begins with the aftermath of the battle at Sedan which resulted in the French defeat and surrender of Napoleon III with 80,00 men on Sept 2, 1870 and the end of the Franco-Prussian War.
$52.50                          Book Number: 4920                         Order / Enquire

ANONYMOUS]. 1837 Rebellion.
A Correct Account of the Rise and Progress of the Recent Popular Movements in Lower Canada. From the Patroit, Extra, (United States Newspaper). Dec. 15th, 1837. (caption title): Recommended for Perusal by Every Reformer. WITH: The Following Extract from the Spectator of the 11th of February, 1838, is Worth of Attention. House of Commons Minorites on the Goverment Treatment of Canada. pp9-12.
Ithaca, New York, U.S.A.:  Bungay. [Township, Kamouraska]. John Childs and Son, Printer. [1838].,  8vo, 22.5cm, 12p., self wraps, uncut, very good to fine, rare. (cgc.bx) T.P.L. 2051. Lande 158. Sabin 10606. Dionne II-1153. An American review of the causes and consequences of the recent rebellion in Lower Canada, pages 1-9.
$500.00                          Book Number: 39710                         Order / Enquire

Regimental History The Royal Hampshire Regiment. Volume One, To 1914.
Ithaca, New York, U.S.A.:  Glasgow. Printed for the Regiment by Robert Maclehose & Company Limited, the University Press Glasgow. 1950.,  23.5cm, xx,497p., with 7 plates, 47 maps and diagrams, roll of officers, index of persons and place names, index of units, general index, fine blue cloth gilt gilt titles and decorations on the front board, faint discolouration on the lower board, a very good to fine copy. (mt)
$150.00    Book Number: 37364         Order / Enquire

AUTOGRAPH/Printed document.
Printed Document, complete in Manuscript. Received this 29th August 1645 of the Church-Wardens of Matnus' the Summe of Twentw-five/eslings [?]. for the sick and maimed Soldiers and Widows, which lost their Husbands in the King and Parliaments Service. Received by me John Randoll
Ithaca, New York, U.S.A.:  1p. 8.5x 14cm, on hand-made paper, backed, very good, rare (n12),  8vo, 21cm, 15 & 8p., self wraps, spine edge backed with masking tape (not stained), a very good copy, rare. (amp) Sabin 74097
$299.99                          Book Number: 24656                         Order / Enquire

Development and Employment of Fixed-Wing Gunships 1962 - 1972. (The United States Air Force in Southeast Asia).
Tenafly, New Jersey, U.S.A.:  Washington. Office of Air Force History, United States Air Force.,  1982. 24.5cm, xiv,326p., with 46 plates and illustrations, 23 maps, 6 tables, appendices, notes, glossary, index, blue cloth, gilt titles, fine copy (s7.5) Developed for the Vietnam Conflict, Colonel Ballard traces the gunship's history from initial conception in the early 1960s through deployment and operations to the end of American combat in volvement in early 1973. A detailed study of tactics plus technical aspects of the aircraft involved.
$70.00                          Book Number: 6792                         Order / Enquire

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